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Meet Kelly!

At 40, Kelly Ann Z. was an avid athlete with two kids under three when her weight hit 185 pounds. For the past 25 years, she’s jumped from diet to diet. Her job as a flight attendant made eating a balanced meal difficult. Often she found herself eating convenient but unhealthy meals in between flights. As a result, Kelly Ann became more and more lethargic.

Finally she had her breakthrough! This is Kelly's story of her transformation and journey to a stronger and healthier self! I hope you enjoy this video of Kelly's transformation and journey to a stronger and healthier self as muich as I did!

3 minutes

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Meet Craig!

For years, Craig lived in a limit-filled world and was often told “he can’t” do things because of his size. He was a chubby child who was teased mercilessly, and the weight only piled on as he approached adulthood. At 13, he was a whopping 185 pounds; by 17 he was 225 pounds. By his early 20s, Craig was tipping the scales at 330 pounds.

Enjoy his jaw-dropping transofmration of 126 pounds!

3 minutes

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